Body Suspension for Bricks issue six

Cover doodle for Polyester issue five

Cover doodle for Polyester issue four

Name game for Emo Zine 

Name game for Sister issue two

Cover doodles for Femme issue three

Tarot Card for Polyester x Coven x Dream wife deck

Tee slogans for Sister 

Illlustration for Polyester online

Self made tattoo flash

Tattoo flash sheet for Lovebox x Polyester

Cowgirl From Hell print 

Be Yourself tee design

Tee design for DITZ

Logo for tooth gem business

Logo for mesh t-shirt print placement

I'm a Giphy artist! 

All these GIFs and more are available as Instagram story stickers if you type in 'hattirex', amounting to over sixty five million views.

Here are some I made for Polyester Zine's Dollhouse launch!

Brand identity, logo design, menu design, GIF creation, Giphy management for Fold Me Close pizza.

More examples available upon request